• What do you feel? Excruciating pain • Swelling eyes burn in sorrow Heavy feet moves slower Burdened thought turn darker Depression’s weights are on my shoulders. Identity- Identity? • Did my mind whisper, “Murdered?” • Chained, chained to the wheel of sensitivity. Imprisoned under these thick walls of darkness and air That suffocates me […]



Attaining mental comfort through observations, Entertained by the obvious things Which nobody by any chance ever observes. The tedious existence of pale eyes with predictable minds, scripted conversations, Predictable personalities, scripted actions; • • And my mind screams in rebel against stagnation. I crave for mental exaltation. Restless! Yet, exploring every mindless soul for that […]



An isolated presence and a loud silence accompanied that night; Two vehicles facing against each other, Headlights dimmed and so did our lives. Anxiety invaded every chamber of my thoughts, Astonished how anger can change the way I perceived that zealous soul. Infinite variation of opinions, solutions, thoughts and hearts; Frustration! Outburst of dominant traits […]

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Faintly foreseeing my whole life pass As if I’ve already lived it: And the appearance of things drastically changed according to my emotions. Deceived by the idea of it, I was heavily penalized by Reality. Tripped onto a pedestal where I was equally admired and judged There I go, justifying the unjust- to ease my […]

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