A Letter From A Daughter To Her Father

This particular article gives an insight of a profound connection, it is also a dedication to all the hardworking parents who’ve sacrificed and compromised generously for the love they have for their children~ to be looked up to as a hero/ role model/ leader. Love and respect to you, parents.


letter picture
Photography: Junisha Khongwir


Dear Pa,

Wake up and polish your armour of scars, the rest is over. It is time to conquer unfinished battles.

I see the vices, the hypocrisy, the grudges, the lies and jealousy flashing in ugly forms- I look at you and say, “Fight!”

I carry the same weight in my heart as I watch you battle everyday, but you, you never stopped believing in blissful glories after overcoming great obstacles.

Yes, I see your struggles. I see your pain. I see the love you have for your job and your family.

You’ve lost yourself in serving mankind; you battled on and beyond your capacity to create better lives when the world found ways to go against it.

Storms never held you back but you embraced the stinging rain as your source of strength. You got back up and knocked life harder.

You have raised me to have the same opinion as a man, the same privileges as a man- you made sure your wife and daughters experienced the beauty of equality. Till this day I cannot thank you enough for raising me as a fighter, because being a survivor isn’t enough for this world.

You designed a life as you envisioned yourself as a leader, all because of a simple passion: Service.

The qualities of a rightful heir are in your veins. Nemesis pulled you back but like an inflamed arrow, that only shot the prominent speed of your will power into wild flames. You preached quality over quantity.

I remembered your words before every hockey game in high school- “It doesn’t matter if you win or lose the game; it is the progress, the practise that is worth living for. Make the fight memorable. Be the player that everyone watches and everyone imagines themselves to be- that’s when you win.”

Eyes on the goal, skills in your fingertips and race faster than your opponents.

Continue to build a positive and respectful influence, leaving no room for thorns; Tackle those dark clouds with a smile because all Legends are followed by critics.

Let your rivals question your sacrifices and your decisions, the same way I questioned your kindness towards them.

A wise man once said, “Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power”~ 30 years of your wholehearted service has brought a classic statesman to life.

And as the crowd cheers for you, it is then that you speak humanity into their hearts and be the soldier with the strongest faith.  May your successes be immeasurable; Be unstoppable.

Because I’ve seen your tears, your hardwork, your consistency and your spirited fire- I look at you and say, “Fight!”


With Love.



~ Melanie Pariat





11 thoughts on “A Letter From A Daughter To Her Father

  1. Hi Melanie, I just want to acknowledge you that I really love what you have expressed of what you think of your father meant to you and coincidentally I too think that mine is the much similar more or less like your story but haven’t really know how to express it to him. So, I’ll conclude by wishing you good luck to you and may you make use of the talent you have.


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