The Face Of The Future

Insight: A memorable journey with my students

The Loreto Convent Girls

It started with a Broken Existence walking into a narrow world surrounded by four walls, A Broken Existence completely drenched by the treachery of mankind.

This world, surrounded by four walls was warm and welcoming. It was a world that revealed the Powers of Innocence and Simplicity;

Purity was their religion.

I stood before the forum and taught them how to tackle the world but in return, they taught me what I needed to acquire.

They were the teachers who were unaware they were teaching.                                       They were the teachers who resurrected a childlike heart.

Their world was a garden where words could not be understood;                               Reaction, comfort, affection was the language and response to their love.

Unknowingly embracing their vulnerability with such elegance and serenity, their truthful innocence was ashamed of nothing!

These children wore the polished Armour of Honesty which adorns and defends their simplicity; It is only through a child’s eyes will you experience the rare adventure of beauty.

As I watered these seeds of creativity, I saw the innocent child in them that I once was; They brought back the core of my childhood. Those timeless treasures when innocence was neither suspicious nor judged.

We only cared to live enough, late enough~ to feel free.

The uncontrollable adrenaline rush as our speeding legs dashed against the wind, our ears consumed with loud laughter shared with our siblings;

We only cared to live enough, late enough without the knowledge we were building memories~ that was the taste of freedom!

These seeds of creativity bestowed the basic foundation back to life, the key which man had forgotten its value and integrity;                                                                                         They were the teachers who comprehended with a giving heart and an open mind; their failures only made them humble,

Unfamiliar to the qualities of mankind~ they were the champions of progress.

Their brilliance ignited a lifeless imagination; their honesty inspired a weakened soul, They were the teachers that healed a Broken Existence.

It is humanity’s noble profession to mould these heroes as the face of the future.

These children were a garden of sensational calibre with teachings that enlighten those who acknowledge their gift,

Their exquisite qualities are the stones that mankind seeks for;

Learn from them wisely before you grow unpolished.


~ Melanie Pariat

7 thoughts on “The Face Of The Future

  1. Dear Malanie, your soul searching thought pouring out of creative mind about the little James of whom you call as faces of future makes an interesting reading. Keep it up.

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  2. You get better with every article ! Could connect to this at an elemental level, cause I have been teaching batches of chidlren in different institutions for the last 6 years now.
    Power to you.

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