Insight: A new Shillong girl who fell in love with a musician and his hometown that changed her life 

IMG_9683 double expo
Model: Jason Manners


He played the keys in his fingertips; every tune had it’s story. Each step was decided by his passion that was accompanied by his talents which were the gifts from God.

His individuality strummed the hearts of the people, engaging their senses to the powerful beats of his novelty. The world lent it’s ears to his eternal creativity and he was called, ‘The Pip of the Fourth Mother’

He played the chords in his fingertips; every song had it’s story. His words built into lyrics that measured the size of an empire. His life strummed the songs of innocence, his childhood, home and love for his mother. His struggles and triumphs were the base of his inspiration; He was an album of incredible zeal.

His features had depth and to think of his eyes that are intensely dark and gentle; his valiant spirit created his image. Sculpted by the hands of Loyalty.

He stumbled across a Free Soul, a soul that ignited his passion and gave it a home. She kept his eyes spellbound as her soul danced so vividly in his mind. He dreamed bigger and imagined even greater, he was much more with her.

Soul and Passion collided with the Universe.

The Universe left them awestruck because it desired them to have so much more; it sparked into extraordinary hues of Love.

And together they were vibrant! Almost screaming in energy.

She was playful and robust, inspired and free with a tint of ecstasy. He was powerful and emotional, calm but relentless with a phenomenal ingenuity.

She saw freedom in his passion and allowed him to awaken and fill her soul. They were full of laughter and love, sadness and sorrow occasionally flashing through like lightning while the rest of reality paled and faded in comparison to them. She wanted to lose herself to him. His eyes filled her vision and all she saw was love. She felt divine.


Love became their refuge.

~ Melanie Pariat


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